HK Phone Number Lookup

HK Phone Number Lookup

Since 1989 Hong Kong doesn’t have an area-code All phone lines include 999, which is for emergency services such as Fire Service, Police, and Ambulance.

  • 92 – SMS on mobile phone and fax on fixed (for subscribers without disabilities)
  • 112 – mobile phones

Some numbers are three to five-digit. The directory service can be reached by dialing either 108 (English) or 108 (Cantonese). You can find time and temperature information at 18501,18503(Cantonese), and18508 (Mandarin). The prefix for international calls varies depending on the IDD provider. But, 001 works across all phones. It uses IDD services from a single provider, Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

  • Macau +853 xxxx xxxx
  • Mainland China +86

Current numbering formats and Scheme

Currently, the Hong Kong Telecom Service Numbering Scheme describes the structure and format Hong Kong has for telephone numbers. Trunks were not prefixed with “0”, but you just needed the area number and the telephone number to dial from Kowloon. In the late 1980s, 6-digit numbers beginning in “0” were changed to 7-digit numbers beginning in “71”. This allowed later changes to be made to the New Territories prefix (from ’12 to ‘0).

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0xxxxx became 71xxxxx

In 1980, fixed-line phone numbers had six or seven characters. These patterns were used to assign area code numbers 505 area code and 555 area code. Cellular phone numbers are numbered, starting with a 9′ and ending in a ‘9′. Before the introduction of fixed-line mobile numbers, numbers used a pattern similar to that of districts. The prefix four was found in Tuen Mun, Yuen Lung, 6 for Tai Po, Sha Tin, and 8 for Hong Kong Island. Numbers that start in “3” were introduced to replace “2” fixed line numbers. In many cases, scammers have used phone numbers to trick people into calling them from Hong Kong. Calls to the fake number will show the Hong Kong prefix +852 and caller ID numbers. You will get to try this website’s google phone number identification and click it.

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