How To Get India Phone Number In USA

How To Get India Phone Number In USA

India’s Department of Telecommunications manages India’s phone numbers through the National Numbering Plan of2003. India was given “91” by the International Telecommunication Union in the 1960s as its country code.

Fixed-line (landline) numbers

Subscriber trunk calling or STD codes are assigned each town, village, and city. The two numbers ). Kanpur, India was the home of the first long distance subscriber trunk phone dialing system (STD) in 1960. The length of all phone numbers, areacode, and phone number is constant at ten characters. Your phone number follows the number 7513200000. Fixed line and landline numbers can only have 8 digits.

Fixed-line operators

Because there are many operators offering fixed-line (landline) and wireless services, each number has an operator code. This code is the first letter in the number. Reliance Communications manages the Pune fixed numbers. However as a Delhi fixed number used by MTNL and (07582)2xx- is a fixed number in Sagar Madhya Pradesh, operated by BSNL. Format for dialing fixed-line numbers Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Variable length dialing is allowed. You will need the same prefix to dial any fixed-line Indian number, regardless of what area code. According to the Department of Telecommunications Memorandum of February 9, 2009, Some exceptions to this general rule were for STDs within a 200km radius of each other, where “0” can be replaced with “95.” For example, dial 9511+landline to dial Delhi-Gurgaon.

Mobile numbers

Main article: India’s mobile numbering system. India’s standard number for mobile phones is “+”. The first four digits were initially used to identify an operator’s telephone number. The six remaining numbers are unique for each subscriber. The instructions are easy to follow. Get help from us. Yodel can be an excellent option for IT-choice professionals or marketers looking for a virtual phone number. However, we recommend that all options be considered before deciding on the best one for your business. You must remember all the available options and invest in your organization’s communications. It is important to select more than one provider that offers both low-fee and extremely high-quality virtual phones for your first names.


Many Indian businesses rent keywords monthly. Shortcode characters can be found on the mobile phone keypad. They must begin with the number 5, such as 58888. These messages can be referred to as Premium Rate SMS Messages. It depends on which operator you use and what company you are using 506 area code and 559 area code. You can try this website HK phone number lookup and click it.

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