Indian Phone Number Example

Indian Phone Number Example

India has many mobile phone numbers. These include pagers. There may be multiple private operators within a telecom circle. Originally it was two private + BSNL/MTNL. It was later changed to three private plus BSNL/MTNL using GSM. Reliance Jio/Bharti Airtel/Vodafone ideas ltd now has all four operators in each telecom circle. All cell phone numbers have ten numbers. NNNNN is identified as the subscriber Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial. The Department of Telecommunications splits India into various telecom circles. The Department of Telecommunications divides the country into different telecom circles. A telecom circle generally includes all of a state. There are exceptions like Mumbai and Kolkata, which are in different zones than their states.

To route calls and pay Access Deficit Costs(ADC), calls from Mumbai Metro-to-Maharashtra Telecom Circles and Chennai Metro-to-Tamil Nadu Telecom Circles, and Uttar Pradesh East-and-West Telecom Circles would be treated like intra-state calls. Without the prefix “0”, it would be possible to dial fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-mobile subscribers. India’s Department of Telecommunications maintains India’s telephone numbers via the National Numbering Plan of 2002. India was given “91” as its country code in the 1960s by International Telecommunication Union. Fixed-line (507 area code and 562 area code) numbers. Subscriber trunking (STD) codes are assigned for each town, village, or municipality. The two-digit codes that are the shortest (two-digit) go to larger cities and metropolitan areas.


India’s very first long-distance subscriber phone trunk dialing (STD), was set up in 1960 between Kanpur in India, and Lucknow.The length of all telephone numbers, area code and phone number, remains constant at 10 characters. For instance, 7513200000 refers to the areacode 751 which is located in Gwalior, followed by the telephone. Fixed-line landline numbers allow only 8 digits. RelianceJio’s latest offering, “The six series mobile numbers,” was launched December 2017 to address Indiaâ€TMs growing population. You will get try this website how to obtain an Indian phone number in the USA and click it.

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