Las Vegas Phone Number Code

Las Vegas Phone Number Code

Under the North American Numbering Plan, area codes 725 and 702 can be used as telephone area codes. These codes are for Clark County (including Las Vegas), in the U.S. State of Nevada. It was used for service throughout the state, until 1998, when it was retired and renamed Las Vegas Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.


Nevada’s single area codes were 702 from December 12, 1998 until today. Nevada’s single areacode was 702. Nevada’s rapid growth and proliferation of pagers in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City has accelerated the division.


Rumours circulated that Las Vegas officials were considering splitting the area code of777. This code corresponds with the winning combination in certain slot machines. However, the telecommunications industry ruled out giving Las Vegas an easy-to-remember area code. It would have been important to have it kept in reserve in a national emergency.

Area code

Area code 702 has been replaced by area code 755. All calls must be made using 10 digits. Long distance callers from landlines within the county are exempted.

Despite Las Vegasâ€TM’s rapid growth, 702/725 is still a significant number. In October 2019, there was no expiration date. April 2021 will see the expiration date of 2055.

The North American Numbering Plan or NANP divides territories in geographical numbering area (NPAs). Each NPA has one or more area codes (NPA code or area codes). The three digits are prefixed to each seven-digit local number. Numerous area codes may also be assigned by numbering areas. The overlay is used to identify the local area code 508 area code and 563 area code. The same is true for central office numbers.

This list contains the Nevada state area code.
  • 702 – The southern tip of Nevada, including Las Vegas metropolitan area
  • 725 is an overlay code for 702 zone codes that was effective June 2014.
  • 775: Nevada is located outside the southeastern corner. This includes Reno, Carson City, and other cities.

The North American Numbering Plan’s original version was established in 1947. It covered all Nevada You can try this website’s Indian phone number example and click it.


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