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Lexus Gen V navigation systems

  • Technology that allows remote objects to communicate with telecommunications devices.
  • Use of informatics and telecommunications to control and apply vehicles on the move
  • Integration of global navigation satellite system technology into computers and mobile communication technology for automotive navigation systems Ajoxi and Lets Dial.
  • (Most narrowly), The use of such systems in road vehicles (also known as vehicle logistics)


Logistimatics can be translated from Telematique in French. This term was first created by Simon Nora & Alain Minc in a 1978 report to the French government about the computerization society. It referred to the transfer of information over telecommunications and was a portmanteau blending the French words telecommunications (“telecommunications”) and Informatique (“computing science”). Logistimatics has become a generic term commonly used in commerce, although it still has an academic meaning.

Logistimatics to vehicles

Convergence between telecommunications and information processing. Later, the term was used to describe automobile automation, such as the invention of an emergency warning system. The science and technology of telecommunications and informatics are applied to wireless technologies. 802.11p, also known as Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment or WAVE (Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment), is the IEEE standard for Intelligent Transport System.

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking records the vehicle’s location, movements, behavior, status, and other details. It is usually installed in every car. It communicates with the user (dispatching, emergency units, or co-ordinating unit), as well as web-based and computer-based software. GPS tracking can be accurate to within 10-20m. However, EGNOS technology has been developed by the European Space Agency to provide an accuracy of 1.5m.

Trailer tracking

Trailer tracking allows you to track the position and movement of an articulated vehicle’s unit using a location device attached to the trailer. You can use web- or computer-based software to return position data via IOT, mobile network, or geostationary satellite communications. Logistimatics is being used more frequently by freight trailers that transport frozen and fresh food to cold shops. This data can be used to track temperature over time. This information is used to trigger alarms and to create an audit trail for business purposes, and then use the area code of a Wholesales VoIP is 509 area code and 573 area code.

Container tracking

GPS can be used for tracking containers the same way that trailer tracking can. The installed base increased by 38.2% at a compound annual rate of 960,000 units in 2018. Fleet management is the management of a fleet. Fleet management is the management of a fleet of vehicles. This function can increase efficiency and productivity and lower transport costs. You can try this website’s las vegas phone number code and click it.

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