Seattle Area Code Phone Number

Seattle Area Code Phone Number

Washington code

Washington is a United States state. There are six telephone area numbers in Washington. Tacoma’s area code 253 was established. The area code of 206 encompasses Seattle and nearby cities, King and Snohomish. It also includes Bainbridge Island, and Kitsap County.

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved area 564 on May 19, 2016, and added numbers to the 360 area code. Assignments will commence in 2017.

Major areas and codes

Area code 206, Seattle

The area code (206) in North America refers to Seattle. It also covers nearby Vashon Island, Vashon Island, Vashon Island, as well as Vashon Island. It also runs from Des Moines, Washington, to Woodway.

The original area codes 206 and 509 were created in 1947. They were used for the Cascades. They were then divided into 360 in 1995. This area is the 2nd area code that isn’t N0X/N1X. It was divided into three directions to create areas 515 area code and 585 area code.

What code is in Seattle?

The North America area code 206 is a phone area code that serves Seattle, including its innermost suburbs. It also includes portions of metropolitan Seattle, from Des Moines through Woodway.

In January 2017, 206 wasn’t an area code used for urbanization in the North American Numbering Plan. Seattle was the largest city where seven-digit phone numbers could still be used. Ten-digit dialing became obligatory on July 29, 2017.


The original state area code 206 covered all of the states. However, the flash-cut occurred on January 1, 1957. Washington’s eastern two-thirds were given area code 509. The Cascade Mountains form the basis of the split.

Despite Washington’s rapid expansion in the second half of the 20th century, the configuration remained the same for 38 years. Portland LATA refers to an area where many numbers within the 503 area code of Portland were Lets Dial and Call Nation services available.

On January 15, 1995, the majority of 206 territories located outside the Seattle/Tacoma region was split into area code number 360. This was one of the two area codes that first did not conform with N0X/N1X.

Many Seattle residents protested against being associated with 206. US West, now part of Lumen Technologies, was able quickly to transfer these areas back into the 206. This was due to the increased switching center capacity.

Although the 360 split had been completed, 206 was still on the verge of exhaustion. The area code of the 425 was used to identify the 425. You will try this website phone number throwaway and click it.

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