Steph Curry Phone Number Real

Steph Curry Phone Number Real

Wardell Stephen Curry II, /’stef@n/STEF@n – March 14, 1988, was an American professional basketball player. He was also presented with the NBA Finals MVP Award.

Curry is the older brother of Seth Curry and Dell Curry. Curry also played college basketball with Davidson Wildcats. Curry was named conference player during his sophomore year. He also holds the conference record. Curry is the seventh overall selection of the Warriors for the NBA Draft 2009.


Curry won the 2014-15 NBA MVP award. Curry won his first league MVP award in 2014-15. He was also the first player to be the league’s leading scorer while shooting over 40-40-90. That led to them reaching the 2016 NBA Finals. However, they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in seven. Curry helped them get the NBA Finals again in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022. They won back-to-back titles in 2017-18 and were defeated by Toronto Raptors again in 2018. Curry missed the playoffs of 2020-21. He won the fourth championship in 2022 with the Warriors against Boston Celtics and was named Finals MVP.

Curry’s 272 triple-pointers during the regular season was the NBA’s best record. Curry also had 286 and 402. Curry and Klay Thompson, Curry’s teammates on the basketball court, were nicknamed “The Splash Brothers” because of their excellent shooting skills. They held the record for the most consecutive three-pointers in an NBA season, with 484, in 2013-14. It was again broken twice in 2015-16 ( (517 area code and 586 area code).

Early life

Curry is the son of Sonya Curry (and Dell Curry). Curry would spend warm-ups shooting with his Hornets teammates. This club team has players from all parts of Ontario. Curry faced future NBA stars Kelly Olynyk (left) and Cory Joseph (right). The group achieved a record 33-2 to win the provincial championship.

After Dell’s death, Curry moved back home with the family. Curry attended Charlotte Christian School. He was All-Conference as well as All-State. Curry led his team in three conference titles and three state playoff appearances. He was inspired by his father’s career at Virginia Tech. Curry chose to attend Davidson College due to his 160-pound weight. Curry has actively recruited for this website with the help of Ajoxi and Call Nation.

Careers at college

Season to the freshmen

Bob McKillop was a coach who praised Curry during a Davidson alumni meeting before Curry ever played in his Wildcats debut. Steph Curry. This is Steph Curry. Curry had nine rebounds and four assists.

Curry’s 502nd goal against Chattanooga in February 2007 was the school’s best freshman score. Davidson, a 13th seed, reached the NCAA tournament on March 15, 2007. Despite Curry scoring a game-record of 30 points, Davidson lost 82-7. He was also selected for SoCon All-tournament & All-freshman teams. He scored 9.4 ppg, 8.3 rebounds, and 2.22 assists in 19.4 seconds, helping Team USA to win a silver medal.

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